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Why Risk an HDPE Liner Collapse?

When vacuum conditions occur, loose HDPE liners can collapse on themselves – causing costly downtime on critical pipelines. Rubber and polyurethane linings are aggressively adhered to the pipe wall and do not collapse. The Joint Lock Ring™ system allows for welded joints with lined pipe, so the pipeline can be constructed just like a bare pipeline.

hdpe pipe liner collapse

Collapsed HDPE pull-thru liner

HDPE pull-thru liner

  • 15-20 year average design life for low abrasion applications.
  • Significantly lower abrasion resistance.
  • Not adhered to pipe wall; vacuum conditions or a hole in liner can collapse liner and plug pipeline.
  • Slower construction as liners are pulled through pipe and high pressure flanges welded on.
  • Gas permeation of HDPE liners require gas drainage outlets.
  • Replacement of collapsed liner sections is time consuming.
  • HDPE liners tend to lose tension as they age beyond 15 years. Potential for liner to sag into line of particle flow, wear thin, and collapse.
side-by-side of rubber lining and polyurethane linings adhered completely to pipe wall

Rubber lining (left) and polyurethane lining (right) fully adhered to pipe wall.

Polyurethane or Rubber-lined pipe with Joint Lock Ring™ welded joints

  • More than 30 year design life for low abrasion applications.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance – used worldwide for high wear applications.
  • Excellent adhesion of lining to pipe wall which easily withstands vacuum condition.
  • Pipeline is constructed like a normal bare pipeline.
  • Easier and faster replacement of sections worn thin from abrasion.
  • Low permeation rates: rubber & polyurethane formulated for low osmotic permeation.

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