Advantage #3: Welded vs. Mechanical Joints for Rubber-Lined Pipe

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Welded joints have always been the standard connection method for unlined pipe due to their strength and ease of construction. Now with Joint Lock Ring™ technology, welded joints are available for rubber and polyurethane lined pipe as well.

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Advantage #3 - Ideal for Higher Pressure Pipelines

two mile 700psi tailings line
Welded joints would have saved millions USD for this customer. Having 600# flanged connections every 50 feet dramatically added to the cost of this two mile 700psi tailings line in Mexico.

Unlike mechanical joints, welded joints have pressure ratings equal to that of the pipe wall. This prevents the need for heavy duty flanges for high-pressure pipelines. The cost of thick machined flanges and bolting is exorbitant compared to welded joints. While low pressure pipelines can realize significant savings with Joint Lock™, the construction cost of high-pressure pipelines can be reduced by more than 30%.

In addition, installation contractors and maintenance personnel are very familiar with the difficulties of obtaining a proper seal between two rubber lined surfaces when high pressure is involved. Retightening most joints after charging the line is required and keeping the joints leak-free is an ongoing maintenance concern.

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How Joint Lock Works

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Benefits of Joint Lock

  1. Zero Leakage
  2. Field Length Adjustments
  3. Ideal for Higher Pressure
  4. Lower Cost than Flanged
  5. No Bolt Tightening, No Damage