Advantage #4: Welded vs. Mechanical Joints for Rubber-Lined Pipe

Joint Lock Ring video demonstration

Welded joints have always been the standard connection method for unlined pipe due to their strength and ease of construction. Now with Joint Lock Ring™ technology, welded joints are available for rubber and polyurethane lined pipe as well.

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Advantage #4 - Lower Cost than Flanged Connections

The Joint Lock Ring™ system allows for standard full-penetration welds. Welded joints are less costly than flanged connections at every step ─ no flange and bolting costs; shop fabrication and rubber lining costs are significantly lower; installation is quicker because bolt re-tightening and field fit-up time are reduced or eliminated. And, no joint maintenance required!

Reduce the cost of pipelines by up to 30% with Joint Lock.

Flanged Joints $$$

  1. Machined flange material
  2. Weld flange onto pipe
  3. Rubber line flange face
  4. Coat flange exterior
  5. Nuts, bolts, and gaskets
  6. Higher freight cost
  7. Bolting and retightening

Welded Joints $

  1. Ring machining
  2. Ring rubber molding
  3. Ring insertion
  4. Field joint welding

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How Joint Lock Works

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Benefits of Joint Lock

  1. Zero Leakage
  2. Field Length Adjustments
  3. Ideal for Higher Pressure
  4. Lower Cost than Flanged
  5. No Bolt Tightening, No Damage