Ceramic Lining Composites

photo of large steel pipes with ceramic coating
two workers applying ceramic coating to large corroded steel surface

Goodwest does ceramic lining for extreme chemical and temperature environments and installs alumina-ceramic tiles for extreme wear protection. Ceramic composites are both spray and trowel-applied and have excellent resistance to the most aggressive chemicals. They are tightly cross-linked to offer extremely low permeability. The low permeability and inertness allows ceramic composites to withstand chemical "cocktails" with ever-changing chemicals and concentrations. Some can withstand high temperatures in chemical environments that most other linings cannot.

Ceramic composites can also be used to resurface corroded/eroded steel and offer wear protection that is better than the original steel. It aggressively bonds to steel and when cured is harder and more wear resistant than the original steel. It can even be machined or grinded to meet the original contour of the steel surface. For this reason, ceramic composites are often used to resurface worn pump parts and other worn equipment at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Alumina-ceramic tiles are widely used in the mining industry as an abrasion resistant lining in chutes, hoppers, pipe, and other equipment. They act as a sacrificial lining that is easily installed and replaceable when the tiles eventually wear down. They are bonded to steel using silicone or polyurethane adhesives. Please contact us today for a lining recommendation that can solve your abrasion or corrosion problems.