Elastomeric Polyurethane Coating

Elastomeric polyurethane, also known as 100% solids polyurethane, is a premium spray-applied lining that can be applied at virtually any thickness to almost any substrate. Goodwest Linings & Coatings pioneered the use of elastomeric polyurethane in water filtration pressure vessels, ensuring new vessels will last a lifetime and making old, corroded vessels like new again.

100% solids polyurethane is certified per the NSF 61 standard for contact with potable water and is frequently specified as the premiere water pipe lining. It is also environmentally friendly because it is solvent-free and thus does not release volatile organic contents (VOC's) into the atmosphere. Elastomeric polyurethane is commonly used in storage and process tanks, reservoirs, wastewater treatment tanks, and filtration vessels due to its low permeability rate and expected lifespan of 30 to 50+ years.

Goodwest has refurbished hundreds of tanks and vessels, both in our shop and in the field, using 100 solids polyurethane. A key attribute is that it can create a pinhole-free lining in one coat over substandard welds, severe corrosion pitting, degraded concrete, etc. and be ready for service the next day. This is a huge advantage over other tank linings because it usually eliminates the need for timely and costly weld repairs or steel resurfacing. It also cures in low temperatures, a key advantage over other linings during the winter.

Elastomeric polyurethanes offer good chemical resistance depending on the chemical and concentration, and are often used for secondary containment and resistance to splash and spillage. It is uniquely suited more so than any other material for creating a pinhole-free lining over sparred and degraded concrete with exposed aggregate. Whether it be secondary containment, a tank floor, sewage digester or any other uneven surface, elastomeric polyurethane is much more cost effective and functional than resurfacing with concrete and then installing a thin-film lining. Its elasticity alone is one of the key reasons it is recommended when considering concrete's expansion/contraction and susceptibility to earthquake damage.

Limitations of 100 solids polyurethane are higher temperatures (over 130 F) and resistance to some concentrated acids and other chemicals. The manufacturers of elastomeric polyurethane that Goodwest applies are as follows: Endura-Flex®, Lifelast, Polibrid, Policlad, and Madison. Please contact us today for a pipe or tank lining recommendation for your specific application.

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