Endura-Flex Data Sheet

The ECOSYSTEM® process with polyurethane involves injecting an inert gas into the stream of polyurethane components prior to the mix exiting the spray gun, thus resulting in physical expansion. The “expanded” polyurethane is evidenced by tiny closed cells and can be sprayed onto a surface in a non-stressed, lightweight, seamless monolithic condition. This process does not change the chemical resistance of the coating and has been shown to actually improve some properties, such as permeability, compared to the original solid (non-expanded) polyurethane.

While the ECOSYSTEM expanded materials have the visible characteristics of cellular products, they are distinguished from foamed products by the absence of any chemical reaction causing volume increase after application on the surface. Observed flow and spray capabilities remain very similar to standard liquid coatings, except that thicker films are possible due to less weight per unit of area (lower density). Seamless monolithic polyurethane linings can be applied and molded directly over earth and other extremely irregular surfaces such as degraded concrete or heavily pitted steel.

The cellular nature of the expanded polyurethane greatly enhances thermal properties when compared to the same material applied as a solid. This allows for the development of improved insulation materials without sacrificing chemical resistance. Goodwest can even apply an insulated lining surface to the inside of a vessel instead of the traditional exterior insulation.

Due to lighter weight and lower density, ECOSYSTEM applied products offer high build and hang characteristics unmatched by traditional solid film materials on vertical and inverted surfaces, while allowing for reduced raw material costs, elimination of CFC blowing agents, and the integration of filler products into the applied materials.

application of solventless polyurethane over concrete
Cross-sectional view of ECOSYSTEM® process application of solventless polyurethane applied over severely degradated concrete.
application of solventless polyurethan over steel plates
Cross-sectional view of ECOSYSTEM® process application of solventless polyurethane applied over skip welded steel plates.

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