Engineered Epoxies

photo of the interior of an epoxy coated vessel
photo of epoxy being mixed

From simple exterior primers to extremely chemical and temperature resistant tank coatings, epoxies are the workhorse of the corrosion protection industry. Steadily improving technology has produced a huge variety of epoxy formulations with a huge variety of application and performance characteristics. Epoxies are known for their excellent adhesion, ease of application, and their ability to cure independent of the environment around them. Goodwest uses an extensive network of outside and in-house technical experts to choose the right epoxy or other material for your unique situation.

Goodwest utilizes plural component spray equipment to apply 100% solids epoxies, which are the result of big advances in epoxy formulations and application equipment over the last decade. 100% solid, or solvent-less, epoxies can be applied much thicker in a single coat and cure much faster than traditional solvent-based epoxies. The additional thickness makes it much easier for applicators to get a pinhole-free surface over welds, corrosion pits, and uneven surfaces. More thickness also means that water and chemicals must break down that many more cross-linked molecules before permeating through to the substrate beneath.

Molecular cross-linking of the epoxy occurs when the epoxy resin reacts with the curing agent. Novolac and phenolic epoxy resins are two common chemical and temperature resistant resins Goodwest uses for extreme environments. There are variety of curing agents the epoxy resins can be mixed with to modify physical properties such as pot life, drying time, penetration, hanging ability, and elasticity. Goodwest uses epoxies from a variety of paint manufacturers, including Carboline, Ameron, Devoe, Enviroline, Tnemec, Sherwin Williams, and many others for the right tank coatings every time.

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