Protective Hi-Temp Coatings

Goodwest worker applying extreme chemical and temperature resistant materials

Goodwest applies materials that are resistant to extreme chemical and temperature environments. Rubber linings, Fusion Bonded Epoxy, and Novolac Epoxies are used for high temperature immersion environments up to 270 deg. F, depending on the chemicals involved.

There are several coatings available that resist much higher temperatures in primarily dry environments. The most commonly used material on steel for high temperatures is a single-component silicone aluminum acrylic. The silicone provides excellent elasticity to handle the expansion and contraction of steel. The aluminum pigment offers greatly enhanced temperature resistance over other colors.

Hi-temp coatings are often used on the exterior of exhaust ducts and other process equipment that will have internal temperatures from 300° — 1,000° F. Other protective coating materials degrade rapidly when steel temperatures get near 300 deg. F. Hi-temp coatings like silicone aluminum acrylic can withstand the temperatures and thus provide long-term corrosion protection against UV, ozone, and other external conditions. Contact us now to engineer and install a protective coating system that will lengthen the lifespan of your equipment.

Contact us for your protective coating needs. We will ensure your critical equipment lasts as long as possible.