Intumescent Fire Proofing Coating

As a linings and coatings company with more than 55 years of experience, we have the experience to select and apply the best fire proofing coating for your needs.

Intumescent coatings are a preferred means of passive fire protection because of their effectiveness and cost advantages over earlier techniques. “Intumescent” refers to a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure, thus increasing in volume and decreasing in density. Intumescents are often the best solution for passive fire protection; intumescent fire proofing coatings have superseded earlier methods of passive industrial fire protection as the most effective and lowest cost.

Intumescent fire proofing coatings char and expand in an environment of very high temperatures. This expansion in volume results in a barrier between the flames and the substrate, which slows the rate of heating of the substrate. This provides time for firefighting measures to take place.