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Test Joint Lock™ Now to Save Big Bucks on Your Next Mining Pipeline

Joint Lock™ welded joints for rubber-lined pipe offer the potential to save millions of dollars when used for large pipeline projects. It’s important to build a case study of welded joints to provide evidence supporting big savings for future projects.

Welded joints are less costly than flanged joints at every step—no flanges or bolting; shop fabrication and rubber lining costs are significantly less; and installation time is quicker because bolt retightening is not required and field length adjustments are faster.

Installing a test section of welded joints is easy. When replacing or modifying a section of rubber lined pipe, simply drop in a section that contains our Joint Lock™ welded joints. We welcome head-to-head comparisons of the complete Joint Lock™ solution versus other options, and can provide free price and cost effectiveness comparisons. For a no-strings-attached analysis, contact Ryan Sears at or 951-288-5570.

Request Free Price Comparison of Joint Lock versus Other Materials