New Pipeline Technology Welded Connections for Rubber-Lined Pipe Announced at Mining Tradeshow

cross-section photo of full penetration weld in a rubber-lined pipe

Joint Lock™, a breakthrough product for joining rubber-lined pipe, was announced at the International Mining Conference (IMEX), recently held in Las Vegas.

Welded joints are often superior to mechanical joints for the following reasons:

  • No Sealing Problems - Zero Leakage
  • Lower Cost Than Flanged Connections
  • Ideal for Higher Pressure Pipelines
  • Fast Field Length Adjustments

Joint Lock™ ring x ring welded connections are an innovative part of Goodwest's pipeline corrosion protection offerings. Never before has it been possible to combine the benefits of a welded pipeline with a rubber lining.

illustrated graphic comparing joint lock with mechanical connections for rubber-lined pipe

"Not only are we making it easier and less costly for those accustomed to joining rubber-lined pipe mechanically." said Ryan Sears, President of Goodwest. "Welded joints are luring those that have been using super-expensive alloys and less-sturdy plastics. Rubber lined carbon steel pipe is very cost effective."

Joint Lock™ is in use at several customer locations and is currently available. Contact us for more information.

Joint Lock™ Reduces Field Length Adjustment Delays

Length adjustments of pipe with mechanical joints often adds days or weeks to a project schedule; every bend requires waiting for a pipe spool to be fabricated to a specific length and lined at a shop.

Joint Lock™ rings can easily be installed at field cut locations and are ready to weld within 24 hours.

Learn More About Joint Lock™ On the Goodwest Website

  1. Overview
  2. How Joint Lock™ Works
  3. Welded vs. Mechanical Joints
  4. Rubber-Lined Carbon Steel vs. Other Pipe Materials

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