Wastewater Pit Upgraded with New Carboline Plasite 4550 Coating System

As a major steel supplier, Steelscape prides itself on the safety and efficiency of its operations. Their forward-thinking management recently decided it was time for a little preventative maintenance of their wastewater pit. Steelscape called the experts at Goodwest Linings & Coatings to get the job done right with minimal downtime.

Goodwest prepared the concrete surfaces by performing a high-pressure rinse and de-greasing, followed by an abrasive blast per SSPC-SP-13 to remove the existing coating and open up the concrete. CarboGuard 510 mortar repair was then used to resurface irregularities and fill voids.

Goodwest wanted to minimize outgassing to ensure Steelscape's coating system would last for years. They reduced porosity by applying a sealer called Semstone 110. Finally, the pit was coated with Carboline Plasite 4550, 100% solids flake-filled novolac epoxy, at 60 mils DFT.

For more information on Carboline Plasite 4550 epoxy:

before and after photos of the wastewater pit lined with carboline plasite 4550
“Goodwest’s crews came in on weekends and worked around the clock, and in the rain, very safely and efficiently.” — Frank Ramos, EHS Coordinator of Steelscape

Ensure your Secondary Containment isn't a False Sense of Security

Secondary containment is an "insurance policy" against pollutants reaching the soil and waterways. If aggressive chemicals escape from your tanks, a concrete pit can contain the spill. Often times, coatings protecting the concrete are damaged from things like UV exposure, foot traffic, failure to clean spills, and expansion/contraction cracks. Most chemicals will quickly degrade and permeate bare concrete, so it's important to know that your insurance policy will actually work by having a properly engineered and installed coating system.

Due to the air and moisture it contains, concrete is a "living, breathing animal" that presents coating challenges. Goodwest Linings & Coatings is intimately familiar with the key steps required to successfully prepare and coat concrete surfaces:

  • Coating system engineering for optimum chemical resistance and successful installation
  • Moisture testing
  • Hydro-cleaning and abrasive blasting
  • Decontamination and pH neutralization
  • Re-surfacing of degradation, spalling, and bugholes
  • Bridging of cracks and expansion joints
  • Surface temperature management to reduce off-gassing.

close-up of before and after of the pit floor; before is flaking rust everywhere and after is smooth, clean, and free of defects in the pit lining

Close attention to detail is what really sets apart a quality coating company from the rest. Facilities in the Western U.S. have relied on Goodwest for custom long-term solutions for their complex corrosion problems since the 60's.

Concrete containment pits are supposed to protect you from environmental liabilities. Ensure it's not a false sense of security by contacting Goodwest Linings & Coatings for your secondary containment and other coating needs.

Steelscape now has a quality coating system in their wastewater pit that will provide a long-term solution. They were very pleased with Goodwest’s efforts.

Contact Goodwest if the wastewater pit at your facility could use some work. We’ll do everything possible to meet your expectations as well.

Goodwest Earns SSPC QP1 Certification

SSPC QP1 certification badge

We are proud to announce that Goodwest has earned the Society for Protective Coating’s QP1 Certification.

The rigorous auditing process verifies Goodwest’s competence in performing surface preparation and coating application in the field on complex industrial structures.

New Photo Gallery Shows off Goodwest's Projects

before and after of a light blue tank with fresh protective coating

The Goodwest website now has a Photo Gallery, allowing visitors to see examples of our capabilities and industries served.

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