Facility Managers in Drought-Stricken CA Rush for Vessel Inspections

inspection of Granulated Activated Carbon vessel

California's severe drought has been a sobering reminder that a steady water supply shouldn't be taken for granted. Unfortunately, much of the groundwater in Southern CA contains nitrates and other contaminants, which puts constant pressure on water treatment plants to keep clean water flowing to homes and businesses.

Goodwest Linings & Coatings is experiencing a surge of requests for inspections and turnkey repair services of equipment used in the water treatment process, including Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) vessels.

Inspection time

GAC and ion exchange vessels are used to remove contaminants from groundwater and make it safe for human use. If the vessels aren't periodically taken out of service for interior inspection and repair, problems can arise that directly affect efficiency, supply and water quality.

The equipment in many water treatment plants is overdue for corrosion and mechanical inspections. Facility managers are snapping into action by contacting Goodwest, determined to not have their critical equipment fail when it's needed most.

Single source provider

Goodwest is unique in that they provide complete turnkey vessel inspection and repair services to the water treatment industry. Other contractors may be able to provide a single service, such as inspection or weld repair. Working with those limited service companies requires management of several different contractors, which adds time and cost to the project. Goodwest specializes in providing beginning-to-end vessel refurbishment services, including media extraction, lining inspection/repair, internals installation, ASME-code "R" Stamp weld repair, and more.

How it's done

A thorough inspection is performed to identify lining defects or other system deficiencies. Goodwest's inspection process includes:

  • Media extraction from the vessel.
  • Removing manway covers, flanges and connected piping.
  • Providing and setting up confined space entry equipment.
  • Removing internals, including manifolds, laterals, supports, filter nozzles, etc.
  • Inspecting the interior lining, excavating corroded areas and evaluating the extent of metal pitting caused by corrosion using a pit depth gauge and ultrasonic thickness gauge.
  • Providing a corrosion analysis and lining condition report including a detailed repair plan and price quote.(View sample lining condition reports: sample 1; sample 2.)

Pipe Corrosion Before and After Photo

With Goodwest's turnkey service, you eliminate the hassle of working with multiple contractors. Goodwest has the expertise, manpower and equipment to do the right job, for the right price.

Make sure your facility doesn't have unplanned downtime, or even worse, lose its vessels to severe corrosion. Contact Goodwest to schedule an inspection today.

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