Lower Cost | Welded vs. Mechanical Joints for Rubber-Lined Pipe

Lower Cost than Flanged Connections

The Joint Lock Ring™ system allows for standard full-penetration welds. Welded joints are less costly than flanged connections at every step ─ no flange and bolting costs; shop fabrication and rubber lining costs are significantly lower; installation is quicker because bolt re-tightening and field fit-up time are reduced or eliminated. And, no joint maintenance required!

Reduce the cost of pipelines by up to 30% with Joint Lock.

Flanged Joints $$$

  • Machined flange material
  • Weld flange onto pipe
  • Rubber line flange face
  • Coat flange exterior
  • Nuts, bolts, and gaskets
  • Higher freight cost
  • Bolting and retightening

Welded Joints $

  • Ring machining
  • Ring rubber molding
  • Ring insertion
  • Field joint welding

Learn More About Joint Lock™ On the Goodwest Website

  1. Overview
  2. How Joint Lock™ Works
  3. Welded vs. Mechanical Joints
  4. Rubber-Lined Carbon Steel vs. Other Pipe Materials
  5. Comparison to HDPE Liner

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