Complexities of Water Treatment Plants Met with Goodwest’s Broad Capabilities

To the general public, drinking water is something they take for granted. Turn on the tap, and an unlimited supply of clean, safe water will flow. Waterworks professionals are responsible for providing the “miracle” of clean, safe drinking water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the southwest United States, the job of waterworks professionals is often made more difficult because of the many contaminants found in natural water sources. These contaminants must be removed prior to distributing the water to the public.

Water agencies and other organizations, including military facilities and large industrial sites, have permanent groundwater remediation plants that filter out these polluting agents.

Groundwater Treatment Process

illustrated diagram of the groundwater treatment process

Goodwest Linings & Coatings has partnered with water filtration agencies, engineering firms, and contractors for much of the company's 51-year history, providing corrosion protection for new installations as well as repair and maintenance. The above schematic shows the many types of equipment involved in the groundwater treatment process that are protected by Goodwest. Below are highlighted some of the materials and processes that Goodwest uses to help keep clean water flowing to the public.

  1. Pump barrels – Fusion bonded epoxy linings can increase in pump efficiency of up to 15%.
    1. Bowl assemblies – They require detailed protection of machined surfaces, re-surfacing of holes in porous cast iron surfaces and full coverage of difficult-to-access areas.
    2. Pump discharge heads – We employ techniques to achieve pinhole-free linings in tight interior areas.
    3. Well pipe and casing – Goodwest protects the threaded connections and installs competitively-priced dependable linings.
  2. Pipe Spools – Goodwest has developed techniques for installing potable water epoxy linings to the interior of elbows, and other specialty fabricated water transmission pipe.
  3. Flow Meters — Flow meters are expensive; dependable linings protect them from corrosion and extend their life.
  4. Valves – Valve components are very sensitive and must be protected properly prior to abrasive blasting and coating.
  5. Filtration Tanks — Goodwest installs vinyl ester, epoxy, and elastomeric polyurethane linings that withstand the pollutants and abrasion from filtration media.
  6. Reservoirs – Goodwest has extensive experience in creating long-lasting pinhole-free linings on heavily degraded steel and concrete surfaces.

The water filtration process is a complex one, with many service providers working together to deliver the final product – clean water. Goodwest is proud to be a partner of choice to company contractors, the company they turn to for linings and coatings in the field and in the shop.

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Marine Corps Logistics Base

BARSTOW, CA – The U.S. Marine Corps has tough standards for service providers, just what you would expect for a military branch with the motto “The Few. The Proud.”

Patrick Sears, Vice President Sales for Goodwest Linings and Coatings, tells the story:

“You don’t just show up and start working on a job at a Marine base. We were asked by a Marine contractor to provide support in refurbishing filtration vessels for the ground water remediation plant at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Barstow, Ca. But first, we had to demonstrate we could meet their very high standards.”

“There were background checks for our employees that we proposed for the job; they wanted to know about our company and our experience with water filtration systems. Project safety was one of the most important factors to them; the Job Safety Analysis & other safety plans were carefully reviewed by the project manager, the contractor safety specialist, and Marine safety personnel.”

Once Goodwest was approved, they did a job walk. The Barstow base is very impressive; they have all kinds of equipment back from Iraq. Hundreds of Humvees are lined up; engines pulled out of cars to be worked on and put back into service.

Patrick said, “We were really impressed, seeing this huge facility, so well run, supporting our country. We wanted to be a part of it.”

Goodwest was brought onto the base for a single job - to inspect and repair vessels for the MCLB water remediation plant.

However, once approved to work on the base, it became clear that Goodwest was capable of providing broader support. Patrick said, “There was exterior piping that was chalking and fading after years in the desert sun; we discussed a plan to clean, prime and topcoat them.

“We saw flow meters that we line; we do all the rubber linings for their meters. The plant also had welding requirements, lining repairs, a wide range of work that we can provide.”

The Barstow Marine Logistics Base has a big job to do, and Goodwest is proud to be supporting them.

Safety Requires Planning Not Just Slogans

“Safety First” is an important concept for any company, especially when dealing with the hazardous materials and risky procedures that are part of the linings and coatings business.

Goodwest provides very detailed Job Safety Analysis (JSA) reports for every job where they are required, regardless of the size of the job. And every JSA is specific to the individual site and operation. Learn More

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