Pipe and Pump Questions Answered

photo of blue vertical pump barrel on truck
Vertical pump barrel, ready for delivery to the customer job site

If you're in the Southwestern US, you're probably living in a desert. But it may not appear that way when you look out your window. That's because a vast network of pipe delivering water have enabled towns and cities to grow where there was once arid land. At Goodwest Linings & Coatings, our key mission is to engineer and apply protective coatings to the pipe network so it lasts for generations.

Goodwest has provided lining and coating services to the pipe and pump market for more than 50 years. We understand this business and can execute on the demanding service levels that are required. We've earned a reputation for project management, great service, and timeliness. We've developed a niche for high quality on fittings and specialty configurations, and efficiently process small and large diameter straight runs too.

Goodwest's Estimator, Steve Sorenson, is a key player in every pipe and pump job. We asked Steve a few questions about the business:

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Have a pipe or pump coating project? Give Steve a call. He'll be happy to answer your questions or provide an estimate.

Los Angeles DWP Sets the Standard for Inspections

coated specialty pipe spools drying
Specialty pipe spools require innovative coating techniques

Anyone who has worked with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) knows their engineering, testing, and quality control is second to none.

The rest of the nation's water agencies follow in their footsteps when specifying construction of water infrastructure. The LADWP quality inspectors are renowned for watching every detail to ensure their extensive specifications are met, including the coatings application process.

This is great for the people of Los Angeles, and also for coatings companies who can perform to the highest standards. Goodwest Linings & Coatings has worked with LADWP for more than a decade. Many customers recognize Goodwest as the go-to company for jobs just like this; ones with detailed specs and extremely tight quality inspection.

Goodwest's Quality Control Manager is NACE level 3 certified, the highest NACE inspector certification available. We also recently earned an SSPC QP3 Certification.

This nationally recognized certification shows that Goodwest has proficient management procedures, technical capabilities, quality control and HSE compliance.

When coating water infrastructure, it's all about attention to detail. Protect your assets by working with a lining and coating company whose track record and performance screams, "We are obsessed with quality!

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