Refurbish Your Failing Water Filtration System Save up to 50% Compared to Purchasing New

refurbished filtration system

Pure water is the lifeblood of many operations—and without it production can come to a standstill. The world inside a filtration pressure vessel is a dynamic one that includes pressure extremes, fluctuating chemical concentrations, and more. As components break down and the efficiency of the system is compromised, a decision has to be made: refurbish or replace?

Goodwest customers would be the first to tell you how well a refurbished system can operate.

Cost Effectiveness

Goodwest Linings & Coatings can often completely refurbish a filtration system for half the cost of purchasing a new one—and do so significantly faster.

Existing problems are analyzed—from broken internal piping to corrosion issues to flow volume—and custom solutions are engineered to prevent the same issues from recurring. Depending on the extent of refurbishment, systems refurbished by Goodwest will last as long as or longer than the original equipment.

Goodwest has been a major supplier to the industrial filtration industry for more than 3 decades and has worked with virtually every system design. We fabricate piping with all common materials: PVC, CPVC, stainless steel, hastelloy, super duplex, etc.

Turnkey Service

We’ve worked for many of the leading water filtration companies in North America. They often have us work direct for their customers because we provide all the services needed to complete a project from beginning to end. Our field services division and extensive shop fabrication capabilities allow for a hassle-free customer experience.

Next time you’re faced with an aging filtration system, give us a call. We won’t refurbish your tank so it’s “like new”—it will be better than new.

"Goodwest is my “go-to” company when our equipment needs repairs or major modifications. Their expertise at re-engineering for optimum performance gives me confidence that our system will operate smoothly for years."- Field Services Manager, Evoqua


  • Cost effectiveness
  • Turnkey service
  • Expertise and experience
  • Reengineered for optimum efficiency and lifespan
  • Shop and field capabilities


Refurbish project at Rhodia

Completely turnkey

Rhodia was considering a new reverse-osmosis system until they realized they could refurbish their deionization trains instead and still meet their water quality requirements.

Scope: Remove & re-install resin. Crane removal & re-installation of 4 ea. Cation & Anion vessels. Replace or add CPVC face piping, valves, meters, gauges, control panel tubing, wiring, supports, gaskets, sight glasses, and bolting. Field-wire chemical meters, run conduit, tie into existing lines, test system. Repair existing vessel linings.


Refurbish project at Siemens

Quick turnaround, low cost

Siemens was providing process water for a major refinery. Due to cost and time constraints they decided to refurbish their vessels rather than engineer a whole new system.

Scope: 8 ea. 84" diameter multi-media filter vessels. Re-engineer, fabricate, install stainless steel internal piping support system. Replace corroded vessel feet. Miscellaneous ASME code weld repairs. Replace viewport glasses and fabricate retaining rings. Provide & install new relief & vent piping, new gauge panel and gauges. Reline with elastomeric polyurethane & recoat exteriors.


Refurbish project at Lockheed

Ensuring critical infrastructure lasts

Lockheed had a groundwater contamination plume of trichloroethylene and perchlorate stemming from rocket fuel development. The vessels had been in service for more than 10 years and had standard corrosion issues.

Scope: 40+ activated carbon groundwater filtration vessels. On-site inspection survey & repair plan, remove tank piping & components, build scaffold, repair linings, re-install internal & external piping & components. Repairs included abrasive blasting and relining of tank compartments with Enviroline 230 100 % solids NSF 61 potable water epoxy.

About Goodwest

Goodwest has installed dependable protective lining and coating systems since 1961. Providers of water, oil, power, transportation, and other key infrastructures rely on Goodwest to ensure that critical equipment stays in service as long as possible.

Goodwest specializes in applying materials resistant to the most aggressive chemical, abrasion, and high temperature environments.

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