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Goodwest fixing tank corrosion at a Kern County oil production company

Aera Energy 2

Location: Kern County, CA

Situation: Goodwest was selected to coat the exterior of Aera Energy’s “slug catcher” for maximum corrosion protection. The vessel measured 10’ diameter x 30’ shell length. The slug catcher allows the gas stream to expand which provides an area for liquids to slow and settle. A large quantity of liquid exiting the pipeline is considered a slug.

First Goodwest abrasive blasted the exterior per SSPC-SP 10 near-white metal. Next they applied a prime coat of Sherwin Williams Zinc Clad II Plus at 3-6 mils DFT. They then applied an intermediate epoxy coat of Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 646 at 4-8 mils DFT followed by the final topcoat of Sherwin Williams High Solids Polyurethane at 3-4 mils DFT.

This three-coat exterior paint system offers corrosion protection from the most severe environmental conditions.

Aera’s detailed inspection process confirmed that Goodwest was the right company for the job as all project specifications and their high level of expectations were met.