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interior and exterior coating of a 50K flotation unit

Goodwest coating work for Berry Petroleum

Berry Petroleum

Location: Goodwest Shop

Situation: Berry Petroleum was looking for an experienced applicator to line the interior and coat the exterior of one of their more unique vessels, a 50K flotation unit. Flotation units are typically used for pretreatment to nutshell filtration and/or softening used in steam flood applications.  These units are unique in that they have a “tank within a tank” that creates significant accessibility problems.

Goodwest has processed other vessels of similar design and scope and were well prepared for the challenges. Pre-job planning, expert material handling, and professional applicator workmanship were just some of the factors that led to another successful project and satisfied customer. Properly lining the interior of a vessel with this unique configuration is quite an undertaking. Maneuverability is limited and the working space is extremely tight. Various angles, edges, welds, etc, had to be stripe coated and rigorously inspected in order to achieve proper coverage and a pinhole-free lining.

Goodwest started by abrasive blasting the interior per SSPC-SP 5 (white metal) with a 3-5 mil profile. Then they lined all interior surfaces with Enviroline 405HT Epoxy Novolac at 30 - 40 mils DFT. The exterior was abrasive blasted per SSPC-SP 6 with a 2-3 mil profile and the following coating system was applied:

  • Prime coat – Carbozinc 11HS zinc at 2-3 mils DFT.
  • Intermediate coat – Carboguard 890 epoxy at 4-6 mils DFT.
  • Top coat – Carbothane 134 HG polyurethane at 2-3 mils DFT.

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