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Cal State University Long Beach facilities maintenance project

Cal State University Long Beach air conditioning facilities maintenance project

Cal State University Long Beach

Location: Long Beach, California

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The Problem: The concrete was so degraded, spalled, and full of “bug holes” that most lining materials could not be used to successfully reline the half-million gallon subterranean concrete pit. The concrete normally would have required costly and time-consuming re-surfacing prior to relining. Every summer the University filled the pit with more than 100,000 cubic feet of ice and blew air through it to chill their A.C. air and drastically reduce their electricity bill.

The Solution: With summer fast approaching, Goodwest was contacted to utilize the ECOSYSTEM® expansion technology for this project. This system involves injecting an inert gas into elastomeric polyurethane to “expand” the polyurethane film and create a light-weight, very thick lining material that can easily form a pinhole-free surface over extremely uneven surfaces.  Just before the summer heat picked up, Goodwest successfully relined the pit and the University didn’t have to pay more of those exorbitant summer electricity rates.

ECOSYSTEM expansion technology is one of a wide variety of corrosion protection solutions that Goodwest provides for facilities throughout the west.  Goodwest inspects and analyzes challenging corrosion problems, engineers unique long term solutions, and provides turnkey installation services. Large operations across the full spectrum of industries have utilized Goodwest for decades to ensure their equipment stays in service for as long as possible without problems.

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