Goodwest Pulp and Paper Projects

Cosmopolitan Paper

Location: Aberdeen, WA

Endura-Flex 1988 Elastomeric Polyurethane Data Sheet

Goodwest Material Application

Scope: Three 78” dia. x 96” shell brine softeners. Abrasive blast off existing lining and corrosion from interior to white metal per SSPC-SP-5. Installed Endura-Flex® 1988 elastomeric polyurethane, 60 – 80 mils DFT.

Problem: There was significant corrosion on three internal flanges, among other areas, due to the brine in Cosmopolitan Paper’s water filtration tanks. The location of the corrosion made installation of the new rubber lining a challenge. There was also a considerable time constraint placed on this project.

Solution: Goodwest resolved the corroded flanges by completely reforming them with polyurethane. This process was much more efficient than welding new flanges onto the pipes. Goodwest then lined the tanks with Endura-Flex. Since there was no acid involved in the plant’s process, Endura-Flex was the perfect solution: it was quick to apply and would keep the tanks in great condition for years to come.