Goodwest Oil & Gas Projects

Frac Chemical Tankers

Location: Dozens of ongoing projects throughout Western United States

Situation: Chemicals carried by tankers include a volatile assortment of acids and solvents that pose one of the most challenging chemical resistance issues that we’ve come across. Many of these tanker linings only last two years or less before they fail.

After testing a variety of materials, Goodwest found that a Tnemec thick-film reinforced novalac epoxy is the optimum lining for this volatile environment. But you need more than just a great lining material—meticulous surface preparation is vital with used tankers. Salt and contaminants must be completely removed prior to sandblasting to ensure proper coating adhesion and longer lifespan. Then Goodwest applies the coating up to 70 mills thick on the tanker’s floor for additional protection where chemical attack is most likely to occur.

Goodwest has inspected, repaired, and completely relined dozens of frac tankers over the years. With only minor maintenance, our customers’ tankers are now lasting upward of four years, effectively doubling their lifespans.

Goodwest has inspected, repaired and completely relined dozens of frac tankers.