Other Projects

Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority

Location: Goodwest Facility - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Goodwest Purchases Assets of Structural Painting Company

The Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority (IERCA) wanted to replace their old and corroded catwalk with one that has a premium coating system that would last for decades. The IERCA contracted with Scrape Certified Welding for the fabrication and Goodwest was the preferred coating applicator due to its competitive pricing and expertise in the coating industry.

Each catwalk was 2’wide x ~12’long and made of 11 gauge, hot rolled, pickled & oiled, carbon steel grating per ASTM 8569. There was a total of approximately 1,150ft.

The catwalk segments were abrasive blasted per SSPC-SP-6 “commercial blast” before a three-coat coating system was applied: Carbozinc 11WB zinc primer at 2-3 mils DFT, Carboguard 893 epoxy intermediate coat at 4-6 mils, and Carbothane 134 VOC polyurethane top coat at 3-4 mils.