Oil & Gas

Kern County Oil Production Company

Location: Kern County

Field Services

Scope: Provide labor, material, equipment, and insurance to perform the following on-site work at a water plant. There was one 12' dia. x 5' side shell media filter tank with hundreds of blisters and pinholes.

  1. Degrease 100% of interior using 5,000 psi pressure washer & degreasing agent.
  2. Remove 100% of existing lining by abrasive blasting to white metal.
  3. Hydro-clean 100% of ID at 36,000 psi with demineralized water & Chlor-rid. Ensure the following max. salt levels: chlorides: none nitrates: 5ppm sulfates: 5ppm
  4. Abrasive blast ID to white metal again per SSPC-SP-5, 4 mil minimum angular profile.
  5. Apply Enviroline 405HT to 100% of ID, 40 mils min. dry film thickness.
  6. Holiday test & verify lining is free of pinholes and defects.