Goodwest Water Works Projects

vinyl ester lining repair

Marine Corps Logistics Base

Location: Barstow, California

Water Treatment Datasheet

The Problem: The US Marine Corps Laboratory Base has a ground water remediation plant with10’ diameter Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) vessels. They needed a company with prior experience to inspect the vessels and determine all necessary repairs. The GAC vessels were originally lined with vinyl ester l, a difficult lining to apply that requires experience to be done correctly.There are visible rust stains from the exterior and a hole in the steel with water leaking out. At this point we assume a thorough analysis and a substantial amount of work will be needed to get these vessels in good working condition. Complete Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) and site-specific safety plans are required prior to starting any work.

The Solution: Goodwest submits complete and thorough safety plans to a board of specialists and demonstrates their ability to perform the work in a safe manner. Goodwest has extensive experience in water treatment systems in partnering with companies like Siemens Water Technologies, which was the company contracted to remove the carbon from the vessel prior to Goodwest’s inspection.

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