Mining/Aggregate Projects - High Volume, Rapid Production

Mexico Mining Project

Location: Mexico

A billion dollar mining construction project in Mexico required more than two miles of 20” diameter rubber-lined pipe for their process water. The pipe for this project was to originate from a major distributor in Southern California. Goodwest Linings & Coatings was selected to install the rubber lining and exterior coatings.

In a growing trend in the mining industry, the mine’s process water was derived from the ocean. The corrosive nature of saltwater, the abrasiveness of the slurry, and the high-pressure due to the water being pumped all the way from the sea, made for a very abusive environment. Fluor engineers decided to specify a ½” thick, soft rubber lining for the job.

The 50 ft. pipe lengths were not an obstacle due to Goodwest’s 60 ft. steam autoclave for pressure curing of the rubber lining. Goodwest also applied a 3 coat exterior coating system in their large spray booths.

This was a high volume project with rapid production for a critical part of the mine operation. That is why major industrial facilities in the Western US have been relying on Goodwest’s lining solutions for decades.

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