Mining/Aggregate Projects - Minerals Mine

salt process tank rubber lining replacement

Minerals Mine

Location: California

Situation: During a large plant expansion, a mining company was fabricating three 30 ft. and two 20 ft. diameter rubber-lined tanks for a salt recovery process. They needed a rubber lining company with the technical expertise and manpower to complete the project quickly while meeting the extensive safety requirements of the job site and Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA).

Some of the unique safety challenges included avoidance of heat stress during the summer and working with flammable and toxic materials with dozens of other contractors working in the immediate vicinity. Additionally, Goodwest managed the project around flash floods and high winds that were occurring in the area.

The project was a success: the five tanks were lined successfully without any safety incidents. Goodwest was invited to perform more work at the site due to our performance on this job.

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