Goodwest Municipal/Government Projects

U.S. Navy Missile Support System

Location: Goodwest Facility - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Looks Can Be Deceiving; Tank Inspectors Need a Big Toolkit

Situation: The US Navy is tasked with maintaining a large fleet of vital weapons systems that must be prepared for deployment at a moment’s notice. In their efforts to keep their equipment in superb ready condition, the Naval Weapons Station (NWS) contracted Goodwest Linings & Coatings Inc. to perform “Standard Refresh & Repair” of their Missile Erection Bridges (MEB). The MEBs are utilized in loading missiles onto submarines and ships.

Scope: The 48’ long x 13’ wide X 14’ tall missile erection bridge (MEB) required inspections and corrective measures enacted. The NWS provided multiple units each weighing 27,000 pounds that Goodwest arranged to have transported to and from their facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Result: After coordinating the transport of the equipment, Goodwest meticulously disassembled and cataloged the many fasteners and other items (i.e. rubber foot pads, support pads, reflectors, etc). It was imperative that, upon completion, every part of the apparatus be reinstalled precisely as it was when it was received. The equipment was then abrasive blasted to near-white metal finish (SSPC-SP 10). Goodwest’s inspection team performed magnetic particle inspections (MPI) of critical stress areas to reveal weld failures to be repaired to naval specifications. The US Navy and Goodwest maintained consistent communication throughout the process to ensure all efforts met the high standards required by the NWS and Goodwest.

After weld repairs were completed and passed a final inspection, a final “sweep” blast (SSPC-SP 7) was performed before Goodwest applied four coats of protective coatings per military specifications.

Naval and Goodwest inspectors provided approval at several hold points throughout the process. The MEB was then reassembled and transported back to the Naval Weapons Station to provide continued reliable service for the protection of the United States of America.