Mining/Aggregate Projects - Surface Mine

Surface Mine

Location: California

Scope: Ceilcote® 242 flake filled vinyl ester - 40 mils thick on 42’ dia. process tank, Blair C623BC chlorobutyl rubber lining - ¼” thick on ceiling of 20’ diameter high-temperature process tank, Enduraflex® 1988 elastomeric polyurethane - 100 mils thick on brine tank, plus floor of another tank, Belzona® 1341 ceramic epoxy - applied on fan wheel of boiler air intake at power plant, and Enviroline® 290 phenolic epoxy - 40 mils thick applied on instrument and plant air pressure vessels.

Problem: Five tanks at the mining operation were extremely corroded and needed to be repaired or relined during a very short window in which it could shut down for the repairs. If the installation could not be completed in this timeframe, some of the tanks would have to wait up to three more years for repairs!

Solution: Goodwest successfully managed & completed the project within the seven day timeframe while having several different crews working at different locations. They inspected, repaired, and relined four tanks. Moreover, only 48 hours before one tank needed to be filled, holes were found on the floor. With no time for welding, Goodwest developed and implemented an on-the-spot solution involving sealing the floor with an elastomeric polyurethane.

Goodwest applied a wide variety of cutting edge lining materials which can withstand high temperatures, abrasion, and aggressive chemical environments. We pride ourselves on the technical capabilities required for these various applications and the ability to achieve high quality installations under tight deadlines.