Field Services

Goodwest Linings & Coatings has decades of experience installing protective coatings and linings in the field. We commonly work at facilities such as nuclear and conventional power plants, chemical process plants, municipal water treatment facilities, oil fields, mines and other locations. With our aging infrastructure, refurbishment of existing equipment is our most common challenge in the field. Goodwest provides unique solutions that can keep aging equipment in service.

After a lining and coating system is engineered, Goodwest has the resources to properly execute a turnkey plan from beginning to end. Our experience in the field has shown us that many aspects of the refurbishment process can affect the long-term success of a lining or protective coating. This fact has necessitated that we provide or closely manage other aspects of the job in order to ensure that the corrosion protection system will perform as intended. From tank inspection services to abrasive blasting to humidity control, Goodwest can provide everything that is needed for a successful installation.

In addition to applying protective coatings, other field services we offer are as follows:

Goodwest has the equipment, experience, and personnel to properly apply materials in unique and challenging field environments. Relentless attention to safety, the environment, and quality are the keys to our success in the field. Please contact us now to start the process of returning your equipment back to new.