Protective Coatings

large tank with new exterior protective coating in red and yellow

worker applying corrosion-preventing protective coating

In addition to applying the widest variety of premium interior lining materials on the West Coast, Goodwest also ensures that equipment is properly protected on the exterior. Whether protection from chemical fumes, sunlight, salt mist, or extreme temperatures is required, Goodwest can recommend and apply the proper protective coating material that will meet your needs. Some of the exterior coating materials we apply are as follows:

A zinc coating serves the same function as galvanizing. It acts as a sacrificial primer that will prevent the base metal from ever corroding. The zinc coating attracts the electro-chemical reaction that is known as corrosion, thus leaving the base metal free from attack. Zinc primers are highly recommended whenever equipment will be near or on the ocean because of their protection against highly-corrosive salt mist.

High temperature coatings such as aluminum silicate can withstand up to 1,000 deg. F steel temperatures without losing performance characteristics. Aluminum silicates are often used for the exterior of duct work when the air stream inside the duct is extremely hot. Chemical resistant epoxies that work for immersion on the interior of equipment can also perform well.

Aliphatic/acrylic polyurethane coating finishes are used for protection from UV and weathering. They can be matched to virtually any color and gloss characteristic for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Aliphatic & acrylic polyurethane coatings are usually applied over epoxy and zinc primers in order to seal them in and protect them from UV attack. While offering good overall corrosion protection, epoxies chalk when exposed to sunlight and lose their thickness over the years. Please contact us today for an exterior coating recommendation that can keep your plant equipment looking good for a long time.