Goodwest announces invention that enables welded joints for rubber-lined pipe

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September 23, 2014 LAS VEGAS Nevada ― Goodwest Linings & Coatings announced Joint Lock™ ™, a breakthrough product for joining rubber-lined pipe, today at the International Mining Conference (IMEX).

Ryan Sears, President of Goodwest, said, "Welded joints are often superior to mechanical joints because of their ability to withstand high pressure with zero leakage. The invention of Joint Lock™ now allows welded connections for rubber-lined pipe. Significant cost savings vs. flanged joints can now tilt the scale towards the use of rubber-lined carbon steel pipe in lieu of higher-costing alloys, HDPE, and FRP. It's already generating a lot of excitement in the mining industry and for many other applications."

"Before Joint Lock," Ryan continued, "rubber-lined pipe could not be welded because of the high temperature generated in the welding process. This patent-pending invention changes all that. We are very excited to add this product to Goodwest's array of corrosion protection offerings."

Joint Lock™ welded connections have performed well at customer locations this year, and are now available for new installations as well as repair and modifications to existing pipelines.

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