Linings at Nuclear Power Plant Still In Operation After 32 Years

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March 28, 2012 RANCHO CUCAMONGA Calif. ― Nuclear plant linings installed and maintained by Goodwest Linings and Coatings have hit the 32 year mark with a Southern California Edison nuclear generating station.

The plant’s saltwater cooling piping system for steam condensers was lined by Goodwest with neoprene rubber back in 1980. Now more than 30 years later the pipeline is still functioning as intended.

Since its installation Goodwest has inspected and maintained the lining for the condenser saltwater cooling piping. Repair materials and maintenance processes have been tuned to meet the critical needs of nuclear power plants.

Company president Ryan Sears said, “The lifespan of the lining for this piping system is longer than what the client had expected. Goodwest has always specialized in long-lasting high quality linings.

“If the lining work is not done properly and efficiently, then the inspection and repair activities can become what is known as a critical path of the maintenance outage.” said Sears. “A critical path means that potentially thousands of workers and millions of dollars are impacted. Our job is to ensure that the lining work is completed on schedule and per the detailed specifications.“

Goodwest provides highly qualified, specially trained company personnel in order to maintain the high quality standards for this project. “Goodwest is continually focused on quality,” said Sears. “Our knowledgeable and skilled team is experienced in working within the stringent safety and quality control Environment at nuclear generating stations.”

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