Goodwest Becomes a Licensed Applicator for Endura-Flex

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April 07, 2010 — RANCHO CUCAMONGA Calif. — Goodwest Rubber Linings is now a licensed applicator of the Endura-Flex®- Ecosystem® 100% Solids Polyurethane Expansion coating system. Goodwest is one of a very few licensed applicators of Endura-Flex-Ecosystem in Southern California.

Endura-Flex provides a solution to excessive surface degradation. It allows for greater longevity of corroded and deeply pitted surfaces. Endura-Flex forms an extremely thick coating that can be applied to most concrete and steel surfaces. In addition, fewer coats are needed in the coating process.

Endura-Flex® applies an impermeable membrane by injecting a tiny inert gas into the polyurethane coating. "By utilizing this technology Goodwest is able to apply thick amounts of material in one light weight, non-stressed coat," said Fred Ledesma, Operations Manager at Goodwest.

"Prior to Endura-Flex," continued Ledesma, "our customers would spend a great deal of their resources on metal repair or concrete resurfacing prior to the coating process. Endura-Flex solves both the repair and resurfacing problems in one application."

About Goodwest Linings and Coatings

For over 50 years, Goodwest has installed dependable industrial lining and protective coating systems. Water, oil, power, transportation, and other key infrastructure providers rely on Goodwest to ensure critical equipment stays in service as long as possible. Goodwest specializes in applying materials resistant to the most aggressive chemical, abrasion, and high temperature environments. Whether at our facility 30 miles east of Los Angeles, or at yours, Goodwest can be counted on to provide unique, long-term solutions to your toughest corrosion problems.

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