Goodwest Rubber Linings Announces New Company Name and New Website

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June 1, 2011 RANCHO CUCAMONGA Calif. ― Goodwest Rubber Linings has changed its name to Goodwest Linings and Coatings. This change comes with the debut of a new website.

Forty years ago rubber linings were the only premium protective linings available for immersion. Rubber linings are still the sure choice for certain high temperature, acidic, and abrasive environments, but Goodwest has evolved along with materials technology. Goodwest has long applied a variety of specialty materials in addition to rubber linings, and the new name reflects that.

“The previous name indicated that we only did rubber linings. Although we are recognized as the leading rubber lining applicator on the west coast, we also apply a wide variety of other materials. It takes years of experience to learn how to properly apply the exotic materials that we can. We simply want to offer the most cost effective, long term solution for each particular application, and that requires knowing the intricacies of a large arsenal of materials and having the equipment to apply them” said President Ryan Sears.

Sears added, “Our new name is a more fitting representation of what we do and the website is a great representation of who we are. We now have an effective source to provide information to our clients, display our expertise, and highlight our past and present jobs.”

About Goodwest Linings & Coatings

For over 50 years, Goodwest has installed dependable industrial lining and protective coating systems. Water, oil, power, transportation, and other key infrastructure providers rely on Goodwest to ensure critical equipment stays in service as long as possible. Goodwest specializes in applying materials resistant to the most aggressive chemical, abrasion, and high temperature environments. Whether at our facility 30 miles east of Los Angeles, or at yours, Goodwest can be counted on to provide unique, long-term solutions to your toughest corrosion problems.

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