Water Filtration Systems Refurbishment

Goodwest specializes in turnkey refurbishment of water filtration and other process equipment. We have the experience and facilities to properly execute a refurbishment plan from beginning to end. The following are some of the services Goodwest provides to achieve this:

photo of extreme rust on exterior of blue water filtration tank
Before system refurbishment
photo of two shiny white water filtration tanks with fresh coatings
After system refurbishment

Much of Goodwest's business comes from the fact that our infrastructure is aging. Time takes its toll with corrosion, erosion, and general weathering. In many cases, it is much more cost effective and faster to refurbish equipment rather than buy new. This is especially true due to the material technologies available today that can clean, resurface, and protect steel and concrete better than ever before.

The advent of elastomeric polyurethane and 100% solid epoxies means that thicker protective coating materials and tank liners can be applied to properly cover surface irregularities caused by years of corrosion and erosion.

Think twice before deciding to spend a lot more money on new equipment when old equipment can be brought back to performing just as well in a shorter amount of time.

Be sure to Contact us for all your protective coating & application needs. We will work with you to be sure the best materials are used in your project.

photo of commercial water filtration system in need of coating repair photo of damaged walter filtration pipe photo of water filtration pipes being prepped for repair and coating

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