Corrosion Inspection & Engineering

photo of the interior of a rusting and corroded white tank

photo of peeling and corrosion along a tank's walls

photo of pitted and corroded concrete component

Anyone can see rust spots, but investigating the failure cause and engineering a permanent solution should be left to experts if the equipment is critical to your operation. Goodwest has repaired and replaced hundreds of failed tank linings and coatings over the years. This experience enables us to see the pitfalls of failed repair attempts by others and offer complete solutions that won't leave you dealing with the same problem a year later. From process tanks to pipe to secondary containment areas, Goodwest has inspectors available to begin the process of rectifying your problem.

Our tank inspection services start with holiday testing and visual inspection to identify problem areas. Corrosion pockets and degraded locations are identified, the damaged substrate (steel or concrete) is excavated, and substrate damage is analyzed to determine if structural and/or ASME code requirements are compromised. Whether the failure be due to electrochemical reaction, abrasion, mechanical damage, contaminated or unprepared substrate, unintended chemical or temperature exposure, or a host of other issues, it is vital to understand what went wrong in the first place to prevent it from happening again.

Goodwest will engineer a substrate and protective coating repair procedure that takes all factors into account. Goodwest's experience applying the widest range of protective coating materials on the West Coast keeps us in contact with a large network of experts. If we don't immediately have the answer to your problem we will find it right away.

There are often less costly remedies to your corrosion problems than simply buying new equipment. If the original equipment lining or subsequent repair attempts did not suffice, keep in mind that a long-term repair solution is likely available through Goodwest.

Contact us for your protective coating needs. We will ensure your critical equipment lasts as long as possible.