Application Experts

photo of worker in safety attire at facility standing inside of a tank drum, carefully applying a protective lining

worker in safety attire applying glossy white protective coating to a huge tank

worker opening tank to begin protective lining application process

Goodwest has some of the most skilled and experienced applicators of specialty materials in the industry. Each type and sub-type of paint has unique characteristics and requirements for successful mixing and application. Each pump requires intimate knowledge of its mechanics. Each type of rubber lining has different properties that are critical to understand. Each substrate requires different application techniques. This knowledge comes from Goodwest's decades of experience installing protective coatings and rubber lining tanks.

The best protective coatings in the world are only as good as their installation. Goodwest's employees take pride in their abilities to successfully apply a huge array of materials that are often difficult to work with. Goodwest has made significant investments in state of the art application equipment that enable us to apply such a variety of materials.

Details are incredibly important when something as small as a pinhole in a tank lining can cause disaster. Goodwest has an extensive quality control process to verify and re-verify finished products are free of defects. QC procedures employed during the coating application process include temperature & humidity monitoring, thickness testing, holiday testing, and hardness testing. Quality is one of Goodwest's three core values and employees are trained to be conscious of it every hour of every day.

Contact us for your protective coating needs. We will ensure your critical equipment lasts as long as possible.