Fabrication & Assembly

photo of trucks outside a water filtration plant

workers inspecting parts for filtration assembly

photo of water pipes in good working order

Goodwest has been heavily involved in water filtration manufacturing for decades. Specialty tank linings are only part of the reason for this. Goodwest is closely partnered with D&D Electro-mech, which has leased shop space from Goodwest for almost three decades. D&D's personnel are experts in fabrication and/or assembly of internal filtration components, piping, skids, racks, valves, pumps, electrical wiring, air tubing, control panels, and other vital components to process equipment. Their expertise and attention to detail is the reason they enjoy one of the best reputations in the industry.

Due to our long history of success installing a wide variety of tank linings and fabricating and assembling virtually every process design imaginable, several major water filtration companies use Goodwest's facility as their project manufacturing headquarters. Companies from all over North America use Goodwest and D&D for projects that ship to locations around the world.

There are significant reductions in cost and lead time from having the coating and fabrication/assembly done in one location. Freight savings go straight to the bottom line. Customer and third party inspectors can accomplish several tasks in one visit. Coating or tank lining repairs can easily be performed when equipment is damaged from rework or handling. Contact us to see why it's convenient to have so much process equipment expertise in one location.

Water Filtration Info Sheet