two men in hard hats and man in jeans discussing safety checklist in front of tanker

close up of hand and testing tool at teal metal equipment

worker crawling through large tube with testing equipment

Safety, Integrity, Quality, and Service are our core values and we base all of our actions and decisions on these four tenets. We don't do anything unless we are 100% positive it can be done safely. Due to the often dangerous nature of our work, our employees are consistently reminded of the importance of safety through training, audits, and enforcement. Our safety program includes extensive and detailed training on confined space entry, respiratory protection, hazardous materials, lockout tagout, fire prevention, fall protection, forklift handling, and other critical issues. We ensure our workers go home every day the same way they came — healthy and injury-free.

Integrity - We are entrusted to install protective coating systems on equipment that is often vital to an operation. Significant money, the environment, and lives are on the line if the equipment fails prematurely due to corrosion issues. Goodwest understands this and we don't cut corners or release any finished product without doing our absolute best to ensure the work meets or exceeds customer expectations. We take pride in our honesty and our decades-long good reputation in the industry reflects that.

Quality is not an option when failure of our protective coating materials could put lives at risk or shut down a critical component of our infrastructure. Goodwest routinely complies with some of the most detailed protective coating specifications in the corrosion protection industry. We are SSPC-QP3 certified and have NACE certified inspectors on staff. When a pinhole can mean disaster, rely on Goodwest to ensure your equipment stays in service as long as possible.

Service is the # 1 reason Goodwest has grown its business rapidly in recent years. We continuously strive to meet & exceed customer expectations. Our commitment to service is exemplified through turnkey project management that reduces the headaches and details our customers would otherwise have to deal with. Service is what truly separates Goodwest from its competitors — find out for yourself how hard we try to meet your requests!

Contact us for your protective coating needs. We will ensure your critical equipment lasts as long as possible.