Vinyl Ester Lining

FRP storage tank with vinyl ester lining

Vinyl ester resin is widely used in many industries due to its superior chemical resistance and low permeability. In addition to being extensively used to fabricate FRP storage tanks, vinyl ester resin is also prevalent in materials for steel and concrete tank linings, pipe linings, and secondary containment.

Goodwest understands the intricacies in the mixing, application, and curing process of vinyl ester. This experience is critical to the success of a vinyl ester lining, as they are often used on critical equipment in extreme environments and improperly mixed, applied, or cured vinyl ester will quickly lead to tank or pipe lining equipment failure.

One of the quality products that we often use is Carboline Plasite(tm) , which is a vinyl ester resin combined with special curing system and inert flake pigment. It is used as a high chemical abrasion-resistant thick film for tank lining service and as a maintenance coating for severe exposure.

For more information on Plasite materials:  

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Fiberglass reinforcement of vinyl ester resin can be provided when required for irregular surfaces and additional structural support.

Goodwest is committed to being technical experts on a wide variety of protective materials. This furthers our goal of providing customers with solutions for their most difficult infrastructure problems. Please contact us to take the first step in developing your solution.