Comparison - Welded versus Mechanical Joints

2-part diagram illustrating a pipe with welded joints, which is easier for insulated and buried pipeline, the joints hold the same pressure as the pipe wall, and has zero leakage and built-in secondary contantment, compared to a pipe with either grooved or flanged mechanical joints which has the downside of the pressure in the pipe being limited by the joints, and the potential for leakage from thermal or seismic movement and sealing surface damage

Joint Lock Combines the Benefits of a Welded Pipeline with a Premium Lining

  • Zero leakage and maintenance free
  • Ideal for higher pressures
  • Lower cost system than flanged and bolted joints
  • Allows quick field adjustment of pipeline length

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Goodwest is an authorized distributor of the Joint Lock Ring™ system.

*The Joint Lock Ring™ system is a patent pending product of Imperial Pipe.