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Joint Lock - Welded Joints for Rubber Lined Pipe

Welded pipe connections are ideal and used for most steel and alloy pipelines when linings are not required. Without Joint Lock, interior linings are damaged by the welding process and welds are contaminated by lining materials. Joint Lock Ring™ technology changes that.

Benefits of Joint Lock Rings

Zero Leakage

Leaks at mechanical joints comes from many factors, including thermal expansion, insufficient bolt torque, rubber damage, and pipe movement. Welded joints eliminate all leakage worries; Non Destructive Examination (NDE) confirms the integrity of the connection. After installation, just charge the line and walk away knowing the line will remain leak-free.

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Ideal for Higher Pressure Pipelines

Eliminate the extra costs, risks, and sealing problems that come with using mechanical joints for high pressure lines.  Joint Lock provides full-penetration welded joints with pressure ratings equal to that of the pipe wall.

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Lower Cost Than Flanged Connections

The Joint Lock Ring™ connection system is less costly than flanged connections at every step ─ no flange, bolt, and gasket costs; shop fabrication and rubber lining costs are significantly lower; installation is quicker because bolt re-tightening and field fit-up time are reduced or eliminated. And, no joint maintenance required! Joint Lock is the low cost, high quality connection system for your pipeline.

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Reduced Field Fit-Up Delays

Field-fit up welds for lined pipe with mechanical connections can add days or weeks to a project schedule; every bend requires waiting for a pipe fitting fabricated to a specific length and lined at a shop. Joint Lock rings can easily be installed on field fit-up ends and are ready to weld within 24 hours.

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No Bolt Tightening, No Damage

The most common problem with mechanical connections for rubber-lined pipe is rubber sealing surface damage during handling and installation. Sealing surface repairs are difficult and time-consuming. Joint Lock eliminates these headaches, and post-weld inspection offers assurance that the critical sealing surface is intact.

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Goodwest is an authorized distributor of the Joint Lock Ring™ system.

*The Joint Lock Ring™ system is a patent pending product of Imperial Pipe.

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